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The Art of Dining...

Alavya’s ceremony of flavours begins at breakfast – served wherever you want, whenever you want – with a choice of regional delights including fruit, fresh organic eggs, out-the-oven baked bread, daily- made yogurt, local farm honey and delicious homemade jams.

Alavya’s dining ethos harmonize taste with elegance, creativity with mastery for a gourmet journey that is personal but shared. Carefully selected ingredients – fruit and vegetables, sea-food, meat, olive oil, bread and wine reflect the local palate.

Café, bar, bistro, restaurant and perfect meeting place: MITU, serves starting from early birds and late night owls, is the place to taste mouth-watering seasonal fresh local flavours and fine local wines.
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The new culinary project of B4 group "KAPHA", which are also leaders of trend-setting brands Before Sunset & Singlefin Yellow will be giving service through the winter time between Thursday and Sunday with Sedat Chief's modern local tastes.

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Catering for that special occasionTo present a special personalized menu to your guests, ALAVYA team will add passion and flavour but be guided by your personal choice and desire to make this special evening to remember.

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