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Once upon a time, there was a place that was a local open air cinema set in a beautiful orchard and had many stories to tell, it put a spell on everyone who knew it. Now it has been transformed into a place of plenty, serenity, joy, intimacy, simplicity and elegance, with choices galore, it offers a variety of alternatives, tranquil and entertaining. Named Alavya, designed, built and operated with love, it has become a place that offers all the pleasures of life.

Alavya is a magical settlement of six unique houses with 25 rooms, some face a large courtyard, others small patios enhanced with white mulberry, olive, mastic and a wide array of fruit trees.

Each house tells its own story and has its own style. These restored historical houses embrace the past, different in flavor yet similar in character they were built, decorated and are operated with utmost respect for nature. Alavya is a place to linger, to love and to stay feeling happier and lighter. To leave only means coming back.

High season is very colourful and lively at Alavya.

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hotel services

  • MITU


    All day dining meeting point

  • Patisserie


    The sweet side of Alavya

  • Reception


    To cater for all your needs

  • Room Service

    Room Service

    Just stay in and enjoy

  • e-concierge


    Transfers, tours & for all your special requests



    Spa, Sauna, Steam Room, Treatment Rooms, massage

  • Gym


    full scale gym

  • Yoga & Pilates

    Yoga & Pilates

    Best teachers & trainers

  • Bicycles


    available anytime

  • Wireless Internet

    Wireless Internet

    available everywhere

  • Turndown Service

    Turndown Service

    With always a surprise

  • Minibar


    Espresso machine, great teas and much more

  • Meeting


    To bring a fresh perspective to business

  • Pet Friendly

    Pet Friendly

    Paw friends are welcome

the team

Doing what you like is freedom, Liking what you do is happiness.
The Alavya team, love what they do and wish to share the wonders of this magical haven with you, all year long.

  • Rana


  • Zeynep


  • Özlem


  • Selina


  • Hüseyin


  • Pelin


  • Serdar


  • Sami


  • Maria


  • Gökhan


  • Yücel


  • Vedat


  • Alexis


Those who have tremendously contributed to Alavya:

  • İlknur


  • Hakan


  • Emine


our special thanks to our supporters

Alavya's location: Alaçatı

A stroll among its cobblestone streets and traditional Greek-style houses is enough to understand why visitors fall in love with Alaçatı.

Located 72 kilometres west of Izmir, Alaçatı is a town that enchants visitors with its historical beauty and rich folklore. Known as ‘Agrilia’ in ancient times, it had many incarnations. During Ottoman times it was referred to as ‘Alacaatlı’ (home to the Alacaatlı clan). In the 19th century the Greeks called it ‘Alatzata, a name believed to have derived from the word ’alas’ (meaning ‘salt’) after the surrounding salt lakes.

Alaçatı is a haven for visitors to spend an enchanted vacation inspired by picturesque streets, quaint stone houses, intimate cafes, impeccable vineyards, fragrant lavender fields and alluring winds which dance for local windmills and surfers from round the world.

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they made the dream come true

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Honouring the past whilst embracing the best of modern technology, Alavya has been brought to life by the architectural team at POLİMEKS, an internationally acclaimed world wide construction company at the heart of many prominent and prestigious projects.

Individually styled rooms thoughtfully envisioned by interior designer extraordinaire, Hakan Ezer are adorned with contemporary works by renowned Turkish artists from the owners private collection.

A resident of Alaçatı, Ezer’s design imbues Alavya with a unique, whimsical beauty: an atmospheric reflection of his elegant taste, artistic passion, and his desire to merge past and present with local and natural flair.

Hakan Ezer
Hakan Ezer